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Byron-Wade design and manufacture a wide range of high quality vehicles and equipment specialising in Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical, Corrections and Accessibility Transport industries.

20171130 201930Every day, employees at Byron-Wade are committed to the pursuit of operational excellence. Innovation is embedded in our culture and continues to drive the growth of the business. It pervades every aspect of the company activities, from R&D to marketing and sales, from business process to relations.

We are dedicated to looking ahead to better understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future, whilst maintaining our flexibility and responsiveness to prepare for tomorrow. Over the coming years and beyond, our professional community of staff and corporate relationships will be the catalyst for success.

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Some industries and vehicle types that we currently work with are:

  • Accessibility Vehicles - Byron Wade specialise in access vehicles for the disabled right through to an extensive range of vehicle modifications for the Taxi, Tourism, Health Care & Education sectors.

  • Emergency Medical Transport - We provide a wide range of Emergency transport solutions, from standard van-based ambulances to off road ambulances and custom built EMT solutions.
  • Law Enforcement - We are a ‘one stop shop’ for Police vehicle fit-out. We have the in-house capability and experience to handle all aspects of a vehicle’s fit-out.
  • Corrections Vehicles - Byron-Wade have been contracted to build Prisoner Escort Vehicles for over five years. These are vehicles for securely transporting a number of prisoners between prisons or to court, etc.

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